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Happy Holidays!

24 Dec

Wishing you all a merry merry Christmas and a blissful new year.

Make 2011 the year you do whatever you need to do to experience a renaissance of you.

Ok, that was wordy.

Here’s sending you good vibes for 2011.

Me? 2011 is MY YEAR. The year everything that needs to change will change. Improvements galore. Euphoria reached. Obstacles out of the way. Contentment City. Focus. Tenacity. Creative joy. Less sugar into my body. More smiles at random strangers. Even the creepy ones. (Ok, maybe in 2015 on that one.)

I’m wearing my cape this year.

The one with the emblem on the back.

I may even wear those boots I usually wear with the cape.

Those powerful boots that cause people to stop and stare. Linda Carter boots. 

Yeah. Those.

I think I’ll grace the top of a tall building and stare directly at the sun.