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Most Searched For…

2 May

The very interesting thing about having a blog is seeing the search terms people use that landed them at your tiny piece of internet real estate.

Although sometimes the search terms/words are rather disturbing, I must say. What are people THINKING in the privacy of their homes searching for random body parts and teeth subjects?

And why did it lead them to MY blog?!

There was one post I did that brought tons of traffic. In fact, it was so disturbing that I had to remove the post altogether. Talk about weirdos. I just pictured pot bellied middle-aged men wearing way too tight ribbed tank tops with their severely hairy shoulders exposed slouched in darkened rooms Googling a particular word and ending up here. Ewwwwwwwwwww.

The most common search terms that lead people to this blog  have been:

the Hollywood sign, particularly at n.i.g.h.t. (dots deliberate)

I wonder why so many people Google that.

author Anne Lamott

I know! I get it; I LOVE HER.

TV Commercial Work

Seems there are lots of folks wanting/trying to break into television commercials. I get it. I do. Especially as a long-term cubicle dweller with paper cuts. I SOOOO get it.

actor Scott Patterson

I still love this man, more than Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital. Luke has taken up residence in my heart. I’ll probably be 100 years old and still watching tattered DVD’s of “Gilmore Girls” reruns ’cause of Luke Danes.

lemon coolers

Good to know I’m not the only one who remembers/appreciates these wonder cookies from childhood.

I often wonder what people think when they land here and they were looking for something totally different. I mean, they came hunting the “Hollywood sign at night” only to stumble upon the ramblings of an ornery, shifty right-brainer who’s not even consistent with posting.

Ah, but that’s the beauty of the internets. Detours. Frustration. Serendipity.

I Have a THING for Luke Danes

29 Jun

I may as well admit it. I’m in love with a TV character.

This has been going on for years now. Ever since I first got to know him on the hit show “Gilmore Girls.” Even the way I discovered the show was a fluke of sorts. See, I was waiting for my first house to be built and I was staying with family and it just got so ugly and crowded that I ended up renting a room from a friend of a friend who didn’t have cable in the guest room that I rented so I was forced to watch “regular” television which led me to Luke Danes.

He’s beyond dreamy. But he’s not merely dreamy, he’s easygoing at just the right temperature. He’s scruffy and unpretentious and intense and smart and loyal and soft and fair and sweet and tool-oriented and perfectly sarcastic and he’s a got-your-back-no matter what kinda guy. I just love him. I will also admit here that I have fantasized about a man like Luke. Could he be real? Is he out there in one package?

It was so bad that I found myself Googling Luke and learning about the real-life person, Scott Patterson. I wonder how much like Luke he is or is he just a great actor.

Go ahead. Laugh. There are ions of us out here loving on Luke and wishing he existed at our local diner.

I think I’ll start a Help! I’m in Love w/ a TV Character Support Group.