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10 Things I Will Do This Year

4 Jan

1.  Eat more raw foods. I know, boring but since there’s a cancer/disease connection with what we eat & how our bodies react, I’ll just be bored to death with raw broccoli rather than keeled over in chemo. (Except on lemon bar Fridays.)

2.  Watch less news. I’m sooooo tired of the redundant, never-ending rambling of 24-hour news. I still groan when there’s “Breaking News!!!!!” that covers a police chase in Dayton, Ohio for the entire millions of viewers to follow who live nowhere near Dayton. With supposed interest.

3.  Tone my thighs. They’ve never been toned. They’re jiggly and plain annoying when I stare at them hard. I simply cannot ignore them anymore. I want them rock hard with nickels bouncing off of them and rolling across floors.  Carpeted floors.

4. Not wear a bikini. I’m so over it. I could care less if in middle age I can sport a spandex version of a bra & panties in public. At a beach. Or poolside. Who freggin’ cares? I’d rather focus on helping out people in various binds.

5. Stop saying stuff like “the homeless.” What is that? Who is that? People without a home to call a home are, well, people.  I dunno what it is precisely about that term but it vexes my innermost bits.

6.  Be more patient. (This one makes me a tad afraid. I’m beyond impatient. I glare at the back of people’s heads when they wait until after their 345,608 items are scanned across the checkout before deciding to begin writing out their check, which for some is like a thesis paper.) Less nostril flaring, more pretending to be OK with things.

7.  Imagine myself in other’s shoes. My BF of late has been teaching me this. I blaze through towns like a blazing fire. Or a windy wind. Or an itchy itch.

8.  Inhale less chemicals. I don’t know precisely how I will accomplish this but it sounds good. And healthy.

9.  Become wealthy. Yep, money is a big deal to me especially having been poor and poorer for the past couple of years. There. I’ve stated it: I WILL BE WEALTHY THIS YEAR, MONETARILY. (And I don’t care if it sounds materialistic or not.)

10.  Stop dwelling on yesterday/yesteryear. I’m so tired of explaining to myself what went wrong with everything under the sun. It’s like a cognitive disability.

There. What will YOU do this year?

(I know you’re out there; I have stats to prove it.)

Random Acts of Kindness

7 Jul


Wow. Imean, WOW.

So there I was at a gas station yesterday evening after a long day of art life mixed with intense angry heat. My car thermometer read at its highest 107 degrees. I finally resorted to riding around most of the day with the a/c on while cautiously eyeing my gas tank. At some point I was in a suburb where the gas was much cheaper than, say, in the city itself so I pulled in to fill up.

Part of selling art/fundraising involves getting a lot of change. Quarters. Nickels. Dimes. Even pennies with stuff crusted to them. (Ewww.) I had some money in my wallet though it’s all for my car insurance payment (which I’m still short $26, by the way.) But I pulled out my load of quarters and started putting them on the counter at the gas station while the cashier looked wearily at them. A customer (white male, middle aged, almost preppy looking) emerged from the back with a Pepsi in his hand. As soon as I saw him I felt slight embarrassment because there I was with all those quarters, not knowing that someone else was in the gas station store. Welllllll, this gets interesting.

I step back from putting my load of quarters on the counter and tell the cashier to go ahead and ring up the preppy Pepsi guy. THEN the Pepsi guy sees all those quarters and me standing there with my cup of change and immediately says, “What car are you driving?” I point outside and tell him which car. (Not sure why he asked.) Then he does something so incredibly wonderful that my heart smiled.

He gave the cashier a $20 bill, says put it on my gas pump after deducting the Pepsi cost.

I was floored. Floored.

Now sure, I’ve practiced random acts of kindness myself over the years, most of my adult life but it’s always shocking when I see/experience the true of kindness of others. So totally unexpected.

After thanking him profusely (You would’ve thought I’d won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Film category) I gathered up my sprawled quarters and both the cashier guy and I were just staring at each other feeling all gushy and wonderful from witnessing such an immediate act of generosity. We almost hugged each other over the counter. Almost.

I think I skipped back to my car.

I don’t know who this guy was but he was one kind dude. An angel for certain.

My quarters are still outside in my car in the change cup awaiting the next pincher moment. Phew!