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Definitions of a Flitterer

14 Jun
flitter – a verb
to move back and forth very rapidly; “the candle flickered”
A less common word for flutter
move back and forth – move in one direction and then into the opposite direction.
flit·ter /v. [intr.] move quickly in an apparently random or purposeless manner: if only you would settle down instead of flittering around the countryside. • n. a fluttering movement: the flash and flitter of colored wings.  (in science fiction) a small personal aircraft.
I try to be focused. I really, really do. I write things down. I write more things down. I am the Notebook Queen. I love whiteboards and black dry erase markers. I have Post-It notes in my car right there on the front seat beside me. I plan, dang-it. I plan to do things, to stay motivated, to get them done. It’s June 14 and I still haven’t mosied my way to NYC to move art–cough–and fundraise. I am still down here in D.C. thrashing around trying to pay a dang bill that’s due TODAY and it looks grim. Another $40 late fee attached to the mountain I already owe The Man.
Talk about peddling backwards.
Note to self: Pull out old Tony Robbins literature. Read it. Memorize it.
Second note to self: Stop flittering. Make it happen. FORCE people to buy the art. If one place is slow; stay there. Don’t move on flitter to the next place in hopes that it will be swamped with art buyers rather than mere admirers.
If you see an artist selling wares on the street today, please, offer them a donation even if you don’t buy the art. No amount is insulting…Well, give at least a dollar, wouldya?
Inertia and temporary defeat suck.