How long have you been circulating your manuscript (the book you wrote)?

Not too long, though I wrote it in 2007. After a major re-edit in 2009/early 2010 I sent out more queries with no success (yet). So I haven’t really sent it out to masses of agents yet. That’s like a part-time job in itself, juggling queries and keeping track of who I contacted and when/if they responded.

What’s the deal with the grand/father, grand/mother slash?

I was not only raised by my maternal grandmother and grandfather; I was adopted by them at birth. So they’re both my grandparents AND parents. And their two youngest kids–only one and three years older than me–were and are both my aunt/uncle AND my brother/sister. Confusing a little bit, I know.

So you paint? What’s your medium?

Acrylic on canvas. I also paint on unfinished wood–funky tables & chairs mostly. And I’ll mix in other stuff like stones/marbles, whatever.

Um, you’re an artist, right? So why don’t you display any of your work on your blog?

Because this is for my ramblings, vents, musings, grumblings, victories, observations, etc. If I displayed art here it would take away from that. Besides, I sell it elsewhere. I figure, if anyone’s interested in seeing it, they’ll inquire within.

Why don’t you post your own image on your blog?

‘Cause I’m anonymous-y. That’s one thing I LOVE about the internet. To lay people I’m anonymous face-wise.

How old are you?

Near the late 30’s. (It’s all in the wording.)

Are you married/single/what?


Actually I refrain from and refuse to answer to the term “barren spinster.”

I’ll put it this way: “ISO one beautiful dude to comingle with” would be my ad space headline.

Where do you sell your artwork? (Do you sell it online at all?)

Throughout the D.C./MD/VA area mostly. Right now I don’t sell online, not the canvases. I do display the clay works sometimes here & there.

Do you have any other blogs?

Yep. Top secret. Different subjects. I like to keep them all seperate. Otherwise it’s like mixing your friends in the same room when all of them know different secrets about you. Or rather, it’s like playing with costumes–on one blog I wear one costume; on another I wear a more colorful costume. And so on.

Would you say you’re paranoid?

I’d say I’m “hyper aware”, a new term I made up that fits me to the hilt. I’m cautious. I’m calculated. I’m…

Laughing to myself. That was fun.


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