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The Cool Down Crowd

23 Jul

They rope us in especially in the summertime. See, they turn on their air conditioning really high and they know the moment we feel it we will not only let out a great weary exhale, but we’ll most likely hang out a while. A long while. And hopefully in our heat induced daze we will purchase stuff we had no intention of purchasing.

When it’s 98 degrees outside, not to mention when the humidity is sky high, a severly air conditioned Barnes & Noble bookstore becomes a haven. There we were yesterday, total strangers tucked in every corner of B&N perusing books in sections we normally wouldn’t even have entered. The TOOLS section. The RETIREMENT section. The LUSH GARDENING section. It didn’t matter what section we ended up in; as long as it was cool.

I think I found a copy of Motor Trends in my hand. I’m so not into anything having to do with motors. Or clanging. Or being hunched over an engine, tinkering.

There were people sitting on the floors, sprawled in sweaty t-shirts. Panting from relief. I think I saw a Grandpa asleep in a cozy chair sucking his thumb. I think he had his plaid button-up shirt unbuttoned down to his hairy belly  button. I think I spent way too much time in there browsing books and magazines and random book related gadgets. I think I want to live in there until the fall, perhaps mid-October, when the daily temperature finally stops mocking us. By then I’ll be a well-read pro at everything. Even engines.


6 Jul

It was so hot here in the Washington, D.C. area yesterday that a suburban shopping center had a black-out. Yep. It went pitch black inside of a Target and shoppers were told to leave immediately. It was eery, like a bad movie. A pitch black Target in the middle of the afternoon. Record temperatures at the century mark. Even today. It’s so hot that it messes with one’s psyche. It’s so hot that I find myself dreading to even step outside. But I have to. Each and every day.

Art mixed with 100 degrees is just funky.

I find myself craving ice. I’ve stuck my head and shoulders in the freezer several times even after the sun has set.


I can’t even imagine Texas right now.

I keep finding myself staring at ice cream. It could be anywhere…in someone’s hand as they lick their cone. In the freezer section at the grocery store. Black cherry. Swirls. Random debris. Nuts. More swirls.

This could get ugly.

First Day of Summer

21 Jun

You could’ve fooled me. I didn’t even realize that it wasn’t summer yet and I’ve lived through many, many summers. Why, it’s been so hot some days before today. Sticky hot. T-shirt stuck to the backside hot. “Where are my shorts?!” hot. “I need a Slurpee right now!” hot. Sweat behind the ears hot. “Is there enough freon in my car’s air conditioning system??” hot. “Gosh, it’s just MAY?” hot.  Two-toned arms from the sun hot. Angry hot. “Oh, I love the fall, especially October” hot.

I actually love the summertime. It reminds me of childhood summers frolicking in the yard, running up and down the street until sunset. Fourth of July. My birthday. The Ice Cream Man and his jingling bells. Loud rickety fans blowing all night and day at my grandparents’ house. Summer fruits and their sticky juiciness. Going to the drive-in movies and eating anything with mustard on it. (I truly love mustard.) Mosquito bites. Dark rings around the white tub after taking a bath at the end of the day. Having to scrub aforementioned dark rings with Comet after taking a bath and letting all of the water out of the tub. Frogs. Gnats. Bees. Plum trees. Going to the beach and not wanting to return home. Flip flops. Tank tops. Disrupting ant colonies. Boy crushes. Neighborhood fights. Playing kickball until the ball itself got tired. Monkey bars.

It’s funny how things change, evolve, upheave.

Instead of running to the Ice Cream Man, I mosey into 7-11 and get ice cream on a stick.  Instead of playing outside until dusk I sit in rush hour traffic until dusk. Instead of going to the drive-in movie I have to stand in line at the AMC and sit shoulder-to-shoulder with people who loudly crunch popcorn in the dark.  Would it be odd for me to just show up in someone’s yard and swing around on their monkey bars? What if I got stuck?

There are times I wish I had a time machine, that I could revert back to childhood–whatever the  best day was–just for an afternoon.

Ah, but I do still have mustard and loud fans.