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Youth Hostel

6 Jun

I have a love/”hate” view of hostelling.

Sure, they’re cheap (as they should be) and convenient (the whole point after all). But the filth there is what rattles me. I have seen bathroom horrors that would make a mother furious. A clean freak? Forget about it. A germ phobe? NEVER EVER could the latter stay in a hostel.

You get used to the dirt, the filth, the noise. Because it’s cheap. You sleep on bunk beds with total strangers from Russia rocking the bed throughout the night. There are random underwear (some already obviously worn) right there on the floor for you to step over. There are backpacks and open discarded bags of pretzels and socks and flip-flops and hair and toiletries and tennis shoes and water bottles everywhere.

No, no, no–it’s worse than being in a dormitory.

The noise level (particularly at 2:00 a.m.) is enough to make you consider things that are immoral.

That’s the “hate” part. The love part? It beats paying $150+++ per night in a hotel or sleeping on the street in a foreign city.