Who am I? A frustrated & severely creative person. I am mostly a writer and an artist though I also have documentary films in the works.  I did poorly in CubicleVille. Not a good workerbee, assimilator, status quo participant. I worked at several “big wig” gigs where I played the role of subservient underpaid floor scraper to executive goons from Flockheed Martin to the Department of Sheep, Status Quo Division.

This blog covers my rebellion from such a redundant path as I navigate the world of “starving” artist and determined bestselling author and future Academy Award winner for Best Documentary Film.

Where do I “lay” my pen & paintbrush? In the D.C. area. 

If I were voted “Most Likely To…”, what would it be? Most likely to procrastinate for years and years only to become shocked that decades have passed. Ok, ok…Um, Most Likely to Move to Hollywood & Show Up in a TV Commercial.

What makes me tick? Food. Humor. Sleep. People with huge balls who get out there and DO STUFF. Quiet and stillness, which is far too rare. Fellow rebel rousers (but only those who make sense with their cause). Loudmouths should just stay at home and become reclusive.

Secret Unknown Tantalizing Fact About Me: I’m allegedly (we found him in our family tree!) related to a former U.S. President. (NOT the Goofball from Texas).

Lyrics That Often Run Through My Head? “Everything is Wonderful” by Everclear.  I also dig Hootie & the Blowfish. (Yep. I have their greatest hits). James Taylor singing anything. Also “Uprising” by Muse is just delicious and relevant.

Random Confession: I am creeped out by random feet. Toes. Yep. Summertime can be quite difficult, especially when visiting beach towns. Gosh, the flip-flops.

Purpose of this blog? To have a place to put the spill-over.

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