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Other Artists

20 May

I’m kind of bent on whether or not I like to hang out exclusively/primarily with fellow artists. I mean, it’s one thing to mesh ideas; it’s another to steal them. I’ve had several artsy “friends” literally steal ideas right out from under me. And if that wasn’t bad enough, have the AUDACITY to showcase my idea to me.  True balls and thievery. Guilty balls. I’ve become slightly paranoid–ok, seriously paranoid–hanging around other artists at times.

I made t-shirts in college–handpainted funky slogans, etc., only for a close friend (and a cousin!) to have a sudden interest in t-shirt life.

I made polymer clay creations only to have others take a sudden interest in clay.

I started painting not only canvases but furniture (coffee tables & chairs mostly) only to have–you guessed it–thievery.

Oy. Oy. Oy.

Who are these people I’ve been acquainted with?

Note to self:  Find new friends. Pull back on certain relatives.