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July, July

28 Jul

So hot, so hot

You make me hot

My shorts are stuck

to the crevice of my butt

My face stays damp

from the anger of your clamp.

(When did small Slurpees go up to, like, $1.39 PLUS tax?)

Immoral vs. Illegal

1 Jul

Have you ever done something that was wrong (not wrong-wrong but just wrong) but it wasn’t illegal so you justified it, at least a little bit? 

I did something so incredibly ball-sy this morning.

But it wasn’t so much that it was ball-sy; I do ball-sy things all the time.  In fact, I am the Queen of Boldness except when it involves public speaking or playing musical instruments with zero mistakes while people are watching my very fingers.  But my point is, I did something that most others probably would NOT have done.

And since it teeters on morality and legalities I won’t disclose it here.  I know.  I know.  I can be terribly cryptic.  On purpose.  I’m private and weird like that.

But I will tell you this:

It involved waltzing into a place I had no business being in.

After the waltzing in, I then did something I wasn’t supposed to do but then it was one of those things where if I could just explain my situation, they probably would’ve let me do it anyway.

Make sense?

One day…One day I will tell ALL.  There are far too many secrets in me.  I may burst if I don’t tell. 

There was also orange juice involved.

‘Til next time…