Ode to 2012

1 Jan

Yep, I meant 2012.

It’s always amazing to see the Year Lists…What happened, which celebrities died, divorced, married, etc. 2011 was a doozy but then every single year is a doozy in retrospect. It always amazes me what can and does take place in 12 months.  12 months! 

This year I hope plan to have everything–everything–improve. Ev.ver.ree.thing. Not some things, everything.

Health. Not that I’m sick.

Relationships. Not that I’m alone.

Finances. Yep, still broke.

Writing life. Finally found focus. Ok, a little bit of focus.

Art life. Done with that. (Artists, don’t shoot. I’m weary of lugging art around, negotiating prices, hoping beyond hoping that a sale is just around the corner…It rarely is.)

From this year forward I will focus on things that make me happy, useful, peaceful, content and vital. Nothing less.

Here’s wishing you the best year of your life so far.

I wonder what we’ll/they’ll write about THIS year a year from now, what we’ll be ode to. Hopefully pain only.

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