Random Grumblings, Etc.

29 Nov

1. Black Friday has become so ridiculous. I mean, people are sleeping outside to save a few dollars to basically later watch crap on a television they scored at a discount.

2.  It’s astounding how many people wear flip-flops in November. Astounding.  And not just flip-flops…flip-flops with winter coats with fur on the hood.

3.  I could live on an island without water. In a compound home with rolling hills devoid of most people. Which leads me to:

4.  People–random people–are incredibly annoying. I seem to lack the required skills to deal with most of them.

5.  I need therapy. Stat.

6.  I can’t help but wonder where or how all of the people who squat in Starbucks for free WiFi pay their rent. I see them in there surfing for nothing.  And they’re serious about surfing for nothing.  (I only go in there to use the bathroom or get ice water. Me no drinky coffee.)

7.  This guy gives me the creeps.

8.  I always feel stuck when out with friends or whomever and they ALL want to go to McDonalds. I loathe McDonalds. It’s an evil empire. Why, I could write a book on McDonalds but it’s already been done well. So there I am stuck between mysterious meat byproducts on a bun and recycled grease clinging to fries. It really bites.

9.  Public displays of flatulence are the worst.

10.  Is it spring already?

11.  Oy.

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