Immoral vs. Illegal

1 Jul

Have you ever done something that was wrong (not wrong-wrong but just wrong) but it wasn’t illegal so you justified it, at least a little bit? 

I did something so incredibly ball-sy this morning.

But it wasn’t so much that it was ball-sy; I do ball-sy things all the time.  In fact, I am the Queen of Boldness except when it involves public speaking or playing musical instruments with zero mistakes while people are watching my very fingers.  But my point is, I did something that most others probably would NOT have done.

And since it teeters on morality and legalities I won’t disclose it here.  I know.  I know.  I can be terribly cryptic.  On purpose.  I’m private and weird like that.

But I will tell you this:

It involved waltzing into a place I had no business being in.

After the waltzing in, I then did something I wasn’t supposed to do but then it was one of those things where if I could just explain my situation, they probably would’ve let me do it anyway.

Make sense?

One day…One day I will tell ALL.  There are far too many secrets in me.  I may burst if I don’t tell. 

There was also orange juice involved.

‘Til next time…


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