Detroit, Oh, Detroit

26 Mar

What words could describe the fall of a once great American city?

What words?!


This was the United Artists Theater (above). Well, it still is the United Artists Theater but it’s dead. Still standing but dead.

Michigan Central Station. Such great architecture that for decades stood so tall, so colossal, so gorgeous–done with its life. No more visitors. No more sign-in sheets. No more meetings.

Who lived here? Are there lost pictures and notes or wall scribblings still in the attic? When will this building finally finally declare “I’ve had enough!” and tumble to the ground? Where are the families or family that once lived here?

These are the things I wonder when my eyes rest on these photos. BTW, all photos are from a Huffington Post article on Detroit’s despair.

Cars were assembled here at the Fischer Plant. I wonder how many of those vehicles are still on the road or jacked up in driveways sitting on cinderblocks.

Asbestos must be resting in the air. Do the homeless here even bother to sleep outside with so many buildings available?

I wonder what it’s like to be born in a city, live there your whole life and then watch it die right before your eyes. But you’re still there. You’re still alive. You live in a dilapidated ghost town with sky high crime and delicious memories. Yet there is no hope–zero hope–of the very buildings you’ve driven by for decades to have a rebirth.

Whose fingers tickled the ivory on that piano?


These types of buildings would be overpriced “loft” apartments here in D.C. Or in NYC. Or in Atlanta.

It’s almost too much to look upon.

I wonder if this dentist is retired, if he moved to Boca Raton and has a palm tree in his front yard. And if he thinks back to his days of scraping plaque off of patients’ teeth while advising them to floss daily.

I wonder…I wonder if the people who sat in that room watched the Motown greats premiere on the Ed Sullivan Show on that forgotten television. I just wonder.

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