8 Mar


Now see, this is the kind of reading I like to wake up to.

Especially this excerpt:

“Creative people have a great deal of physical energy, but they’re also often quiet and at rest. They work long hours, with great concentration, while projecting an aura of freshness and enthusiasm…This does not mean that creative people are hyperactive, always “on.” In fact, they rest often and sleep a lot. The important thing is that they control their energy; it’s not ruled by the calendar, the dock, an external schedule. When necessary, they can focus it like a laser beam; when not, creative types immediately recharge their batteries. They consider the rhythm of activity followed by idleness or reflection very important for the success of their work.

             Creative people tend to be both extroverted and introverted. We’re usually one or the other,   either preferring to be in the thick of crowds or sitting on the sidelines and observing the passing show. In fact, in psychological research, extroversion and introversion are considered the most stable personality traits that differentiate people from each other and that can be reliability measured. Creative individuals, on the other hand, seem to exhibit both traits simultaneously.”

This information makes me happy.

It’s like a flicker of light shining on me. Us. Severely misunderstood creative ones. Us who make no sense in our existence otherwise. The flip side is that this very description sounds like manic/bipolar symptoms. Hmm, so that’s why a coworker once suggested that I try medication. Not to mention random folks I’ve met and–ahem–collided with.

But reading this was spiritual.


Me likey.

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