Viva Ranch Life

22 Jul

Drat. I’ve been roped in and I can’t get out.

The horses. The beautiful photography. The flatness of the land. The cute kiddies. The finnnne, gentle, serious husband. The quiet stillness. The humor. Her writing (especially her childhood stories and “Harlequin Romance novel” ).

I’m talking about–drum roll please–The Pioneer Woman’s blog.

Yep, I’d heard about her for a while now but whenever I clicked on her site I just clicked right off thinking there’s no way EYE would be interested in, of all things, ranch life. I mean, I live in a metropolis and all. And I’m not into steak. Not to mention I’ve never even been to Oklahoma or the heartland. Or even Vermont. Heck, I’ve never even milked a cow or seen a calf nut before.

But for the past two weeks or so–my friends are really concerned about me–I’ve been reading theĀ “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels” saga with anxious salivation and I think there was panting at certain junctures. The archives have taken quite a while to get through with what limited time I have each day to read, of all things, but I finished. AHHHHHHH.

I think I’m a Pioneer Woman/ranch junky now.


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