The Asian Giant

11 Jul

Hmm.  This is fascinating.

I remember hearing about this experiment chronicled in the book above a while back on the “Today” show and I’m revisiting it today after noticing that my el cheapo apple juice is from China. I buy it ’cause it’s, like, $1.50 for 96 ounces. But really, I don’t want my drinks to come from China. Ok, I’m good with tennis shoes for now because, well, I don’t eat them. But apple juice? I mean, I pass apple orchards every fall right here near the D.C. area in Winchester, Va, for crying out loud.

WHY IS MY APPLE JUICE FROM CHINA OF ALL PLACES? (And Argentina?!) Says it right there on the bottle.


I know. I know it’s rather difficult to avoid Made in China. In fact, it’s almost impossible but this apple juice thing has got me in a tizzy. (And yes, I’m aware of the whole Colgate scandal. I don’t even use Colgate. I use Tom’s of Maine, ahem, when I have money–real money.)

I’m reeling over here. Reeling. So I go to the store again and peruse the apple juices. [Sidenote: I have a really disturbing form of acid reflux so my choice of beverages is super limited.] Most apple juices are indeed Made in China. Once again, disturbing. So then I default to Google, but of course and find this. So now I’m really upset. I mean, that mysterious MADE IN CHINA apple juice is making its way through my body right now, slushing around with its questionable ingredients imported all the way from Slipping Through The Cracks of Federal Regulation Land. (Oh gosh, did I just say Federal Regulation??! As if they’ve got our backs.)

See? I’m rambling here.

It’s the apple juice that’s MADE. IN. CHINA.

Well, this is more reason for me to buy my own land and grow my own stuff, period.

What’s the big deal, you say? I mean, wasn’t I drinking it beforehand without a problem? Welllll, I just started drinking all of this apple juice, really, and so no, it wasn’t like I was the Apple Juice Queen and then suddenly knowing it hailed from China made me recoil. I mean, now that I mention it I have been experiencing some weirdo body issues that I won’t mention here.

Cue scary music: Could it be the apple juice?

More later.


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