6 Jul

It was so hot here in the Washington, D.C. area yesterday that a suburban shopping center had a black-out. Yep. It went pitch black inside of a Target and shoppers were told to leave immediately. It was eery, like a bad movie. A pitch black Target in the middle of the afternoon. Record temperatures at the century mark. Even today. It’s so hot that it messes with one’s psyche. It’s so hot that I find myself dreading to even step outside. But I have to. Each and every day.

Art mixed with 100 degrees is just funky.

I find myself craving ice. I’ve stuck my head and shoulders in the freezer several times even after the sun has set.


I can’t even imagine Texas right now.

I keep finding myself staring at ice cream. It could be anywhere…in someone’s hand as they lick their cone. In the freezer section at the grocery store. Black cherry. Swirls. Random debris. Nuts. More swirls.

This could get ugly.

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